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Lottie and Jake ; 5



A new day and it all started how every new day should start, apart from Lottie challenging herself by walking all three of the “monsters” in one walk, on the lead, and it seemed to work. All three listened when they had to wait for each other or her, when there was something that needed to be taken care of. It all went well till they passed a little area in the open field were some one left a BIG black sausage!! At first Lottie thought it was a big almighty number two of some horse size like dog! But because all three dogs went for it she thought it might be something different. She had to go full on the breaks to keep them away from it. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a almighty big black sausage.Image1 With all the power in her she dragged the “monsters” away from it, preventing any of them having a big juicy bite out of it. Jake was close to having a mouthful but failed, thankfully! He wasn’t best pleased with it… he would have liked him a bit of sausage! You never know who would put it there or why. Maybe it was spiked with something bad and animals can lose lives because of it. If it was still there on the next round, she would pick it up and throw it in the bin. She just has to make sure she gets to it before any of the dogs do on the next walk. She knows the little ragamuffin will try to get to it as fast as he can, and he knows it is there…. He does not forget. If it comes to food, or cat poo for that matter, his memory is flawless!
After the usual morning tasks, she went out for the weekly groceries at their local supermarket. When she was done and got back home Jake was jumping behind his gate like a 6 month old puppy. “Now you see him now you don’t” Lottie laughs. He definitely has no trouble with his back legs at the moment, Pfew! Still she needs to keep an eye on him. Also to see how he responses to the new chemo treatment. So far so good. Fingers crossed.
Out for the first lunch walk, Jake first, and she remembered the sausage. She tried to get to it before Jake does and failed. Obviously that never works, but he helped her find it by “pointing it out to her”. She was just in time to prevent him from taking a nice big bite out of it. It looked like nothing was eaten from it since that morning. not even the ants were nibbling of it! Something seriously wrong here! Lottie picked it up with a plastic back in one hand while trying to keep Jake away with her other hand. She manages to make it work and seals up the bag before Jake realizes it is in the bag in her hand. To him it clearly smells wonderfully heavenly tasty and he would not mind having it for lunch, breakfast and dinner. “Not going to happen little man” she thinks. Who would do something like this? She didn’t know if it was bad and spiked with something, but it was weird to say the least. She must admit thst she is one of the view people here who cleans up after the dogs. Most people can’t be bothered, so she can understand people are fed-up with all the excrement’s left on their doorstep! But this is a bit drastic! If it was something seriously bad, she hoped she prevented any animal from getting sick.
Today for the doggies no swimming this afternoon due to their flea treatment. She wished they could, it is way to warm and muggy. There are thunderstorms forecasted for the weekend and it sure feels like it is heading that way. Seriously humid and sticky. They did play their game of fetch to keep the boys and girl happy. In the afternoon after they had their walks it was all relaxed and calm. Lottie took some time for her self to read her book and chill. After the evening walks and meals it stayed that way. Jake was on his mat, next to Lottie’s chair, Jake’s girlfriend and Bob on the sofa, each one on either side of the pillows.
Jake did sit next to the door mimicking a statue once, he needed a wee, but that was it.
After giving him his last meal he took himself to bed. He slept a little until she heard him coming out of his bed and noticed the stomachs protesting sounds. What went in thirty minutes ago, came out with the same speed as it went in. Oh dear…. Not good. She cleaned it up. Let him be for half an hour and gave him a handful of food. Just to make sure he would not have an empty tummy and vomit bile in the morning.  Let’s hope this is not a repeat from 2 weeks ago, because that was not!!! funny!!!


Saturday morning and Lottie was staring at the sealing at 6 am. She hated this. Not even the dogs had moved. Was she ever going to get back in her old routine and be able to sleep just ONE hour longer??? As soon as she started to move to come out of bed, the three downstairs were bouncing and making a lot of squeaking noises, meaning they wanted to be released and greet her with all the happiness that exists in a dog’s life. She was laughing when she opened the gates. One thing you can say about these three: They are always happy to see her, one of the little things she loves about them. They greet her like she has been gone for years. She gets the licks and the cuddles and the flappy ears in her face and she loves it, it makes her smile a lot. She lets them out in the garden, and after their first wee, they are out for the morning round, have breakfast and get dressed.
It was getting darker and darker that morning and at some point a severe thunder storm and rain shower came hammering down from the skies. Lottie looks at the skies and is not to happy, she is going out for lunch with friends this afternoon and it would be nice if it is dry. Hopefully by the time they leave the weather will have turned and they can sit outside watching the sea.
She wasn’t planning on going mad on the cleaning this morning, but she did clean the bottom part of the house. Three dogs can make a lot of mess. As usual, Jake was her little helper today by trying to put his ball everywhere she was busy. She laughs as he is such a comedian when she is busying about. Lottie always tries to make a game out of it, to keep him busy and happy.
Jake’s girlfriend was a bit off guard this morning due to the thunderstorm, but in the end she and of the boys settled down on Lottie’s bed.all 3 on the bed

As Lottie was going out for lunch, the dog’s lunchtime routine started a little earlier. She made sure she took plenty of time for it. She did the walk, gave them their lunch, let it settle for a bit and did the after-lunch play time to make sure Jake’s daily routine was not disrupted. He seemed fine today, although he was a bit clingier, but other than that he seemed fine. No real worries and she knew they would be okay for the time she was out.
The lunch was lovely, and although it did rain, they were able to sit outside under a cover. The temperature was lovely and the views over the sea gorgeous. It was nice to talk to humans for a change. She loves the dogs, but some human interaction every now and then is nice too.
Back home, the boys and girl where fine, not even in a rush to go for a wee.
Lottie wanted to make it a little easier for herself, so before it was the dogs dinner time she took them all three for walkies at once. They all did what was needed and when back home they were pestering her for their food. “My little hungry devils” went through her mind. Would she want to be without them. The answer to that was a big fat NO!
After having taken care of them she made herself a coffee and did some more housework. Three dogs and a rainy day does keep you busy.
All was well in the evening, no statue impressions by Jake. Al nice and calm.
When she went to bed, Bob had sneaked up before her. He was on the bed, and would not come off. She thought the better of it and let him be. To Lottie’s surprise Jake’s girlfriends decided to stay downstairs on the sofa. If that is what she preferred, then that was okay too. After having a cuddle with Bob, she turned down the light and listened to the sound of the thunder and slowly she fell asleep.

Lottie was woken up by more rain and thunder and a dog hanging his long ears in her face and giving her a big wet good morning mummy slobber. Bob was awake!, and it was…. 7 pm!, wow…. She slept “in”!! Jake was just waking up due to the sound of things happening in the house. His girlfriend came racing up the stairs. She and Bob were having a playfight on the bed, making a lot of noise!
The morning routine went as usual. Lottie had nothing planned for today, she did some house work and made it a lazy day, just hanging about.
She tried to walk and play with the dogs in between the rain showers. She was a sort of lucky as it worked most times of the day.
Jake seemed to be okay today. like yesterday a little bit clingier, but other than that he seemed to be fine.
Lottie enjoyed the quietness. It gave her peace in her mind. The next view days seemed to go smoothly and accordingly to the daily routines, most of the time. The weather had not been on her side it was wet and humid with the occasional thunderstorm. But other than that life was “normal”.
When the weather turned a little better, Lottie decided to do some window cleaning. Normally this would be an 2-hour job. Not this time… Jake was persistent on giving her a hand by helping to move everything she put down on the floor. Fotor_149675133291049-1Fotor_149675133291049She was laughing at him. He tried his best to help her and he was happy. In these moments her love for him grows even more. Then reality kicks in and she knows the time left is not that long. She sits down on the floor and Jake comes to sit with her.
They have a big cuddle together and while they sit like this Jake licks her tears away. How can you not love this little man ❤.  Clearly window cleaning took a lot longer this morning. Just before lunch time she finished.
The rest of the day Lottie is a little off, it is so hard to come to terms with the inevitable. She gives herself a firm speaking to, and gets on with daily life and making sure the dogs are happy.

On the Wednesday she was busy with all sorts. The weather was dry, warm and seriously humid. Very unpleasant. Jake seems a bit off, he did not want to play with his girlfriend, and is sleeping most of the day. In the late afternoon Lottie had to pick her mum up from the airport, she leaves the house a little worried, not that something serious would happen, but she is just a worried and a over protective dog mummy. After a delay of 2 hours, caused by bad weather, her mum finally arrives. On their way home they were chatting and talking about mum’s vacation. It sounded like she had a really good time. She knew her mum needed this. Just something else on your mind than the daily tasks, day in and day out all year round. Her mum asked how the dogs were, and Lottie explained all went well, no fights.
When they are back at Lottie’s home, they had some coffee and they talked a little more, then mum left with Jake’s girlfriend to her own home.
Due to the change in the daily routine, Jake got confused and wanted to go to bed early, Lottie thought that was a good idea, and took the opportunity to do the same thing. She could do with an extra hour of sleep.

Bob woke up early. The “early going to bed” idea made that his waterlevel has come up to his eye-level a little earlier in the day. He is really pestering Lottie and when she lets the boys out in the garden, he has a looooong wee. So much for going to bed early… bites you in the bum the very next day… up at 6 am…. ugh…
When they go out for the morning walk it was humid and warm again. No wind and no sun. this was going to be a sticky day…yuk.
Jake is not himself. He is seriously bothered.20170527_155150 He did eat well, but did not want to participate in any activities, apart form the lunch time play. He stays in his bed most of the day. Lottie is a little worried about why he is so down. Maybe the chemo stopped working? Or was there something else going on? She needs to mention it to the vet tomorrow, also that he has been clingier over the last week.
Around lunch time Lottie has a dentist appointment that goes way passed the time that was planned for it. And when she comes home she can do with some food in her tummy. Before she left she had given the boys their walks and lunch. She was glad she had, it never goes according to plan with the dentist, she knew out of experience. But this time it was a bit to much. She had a appointment at 12pm, it was now 2.30pm!
In the afternoon Jake did not change and in the evening he sleeps next to her on the sofa, not wanting for anything. Lottie does not feel happy and when the night comes she can’t sleep. Let’s hope and pray he is okay, and he just has a day off.

The following morning they are up early. Chemo day, yay…☹. It is another humid and warm day. Lottie checks the weather forecast, it reads humidity for today: 80%…. Cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon. Bloody wonderful!
The morning routine goes as usual, but Jake is not really having any of it. He does do the walkies, he wants his food and excepts his pills, but then he is back to bed. Lottie has to carry him out of the house to get him in the van. He seriously is not agreeing with any of it. Lottie has the nasty feeling that Jake knows what day it is.
Before she leaves she makes sure she puts the aircon’s on for two hours on dehumidifying, this will cool down the house a little so Bob feels a little happier. She gets Jake in the van, gives Bob loads of cuddles and treats before closing the door and they are off to the clinic.
At the vets she talks to one of the nurses and explains yesterdays and this morning’s events. She also explains Jake has been clingier most of the week. The lack of interest in playing with his girlfriend and the wanting to sleep most of the day. After all this she hands Jake over to the nurse and Lottie is off to her coffee cafe. She needs to kill an hour as the nurse told her it would take 60 minutes this time.
After an hour Lottie is back at the clinic. She does not have to wait long before Jake is returned to her by the vet.
He explains that Jake is fine and that the treatment is working. He also explains that Jake is probably reacting to the treatment combined with the heat and the humidity and therefore seems a bit more “off” and that it is nothing to worry about. The treatment is going well, as far as you can call it going well, and the nodes are still the size they should be. He does prescribe another medication, Genoxal -a chemo in tablet form to help the intravenous chemo-, for Jake. She needs to get this at the Chemist. ½ tablet per day for 4 days starting on Monday. (also used for de-fleeing sheep). When she got back home Lottie had read this online, as she was curious what sort of not so very nice stuff she was putting in Jake this time. In the meantime, keep going with the omeprazol and prednison. She clearly was too worried about nothing, although she is not entirely sure if this is the truth. Next Friday they need to be back.
When they came back home, she takes the boys for a walk and then starts to make lunch. She eats it outside on the terrace as the sun has come out and the humidity is a lot less.
One’s everything is eaten and cleared away she decides the boys can have a swim in the pool. She gets their gear out and Jake is super happy. He keeps jumping and diving and barking and clearly is enjoying it a lot. It is the best thing in life,Image1 according to Jake, playing in the pool.
After the swim Lottie is having calm moment to herself with the boys being worn out. Jake however does not seem to feel well and comes sit with her for a long time, having a cuddle. Looks like the chemo did have its effect on him today. She gave him all the cuddles and love she could give him, hoping it would help him a little. When they went indoors and sat on the sofa, he was next to her fast asleep.
It is so hard to explain when you are a little doggy, that you are not feeling well and all you want is your mummy. Poor little sod.
In the evening he was calmed down and took himself to bed after dinner time.
She left him there and when he came out for his last wee, she gave him his last bit of dinner and settled him for the night, hoping he would feel a little better in the morning, but she doubted it.






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