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Lottie and Jake ; 4





After a celebratory evening, life’s back to normal the following morning.
Lottie woke up early and let Jake fly in to the garden for a wee. His bedding was clean and dry. It seems the heavy breathing he does during the night is a lot less.
The morning progressed as normal. Just some daily house work to do, and nothing else on the calendar. At some point in the morning, she went to get the laundry out, the door to the laundry room, a cubbyhole under the stairs, always automatically closed behind her. Apparently, Jake did not make it in time to come in and pester her while pulling the clothing out of the machine, so he stayed on the other side of the door. While Lottie was being busy with emptying and filling the machine, she heard an almighty growl and she knew the boys where at it.  Fighting till blood has drawn. It probably was about Jake’s bed. Jake is very protective of it, and when he is insecure even more so. When he thinks Bob is going to his bed he always tries to sink his teeth into Bob, nasty little shite. Lottie was just in time to throw something between them and told them both to go to their own space. She really was unhappy with this. This is a part of the old Jake she seriously could do without! She told Jake to stay in his bed and not come out until she said he could. Lottie was fuming and he knew it! He dared not to move, neither did Bob. When she told them, separately, they could come to her, they were both very happy and really tried to make up to her. Jake’s tail was wagging a 100 mile an hour ❤. He was so cute when he was like this, a sort of letting her know he was really sorry. Heart meltingly cute. He did know how to suck up to her and how to play at her heart strings… 😊20160601_084930
The rest of the day they were a lot kinder to each other. No more nastiness between the two. She did keep an eye on them and she knew for the next coming time she had to be alert on what, when and where as this was not over. Fingers crossed it stays as a one off.
They had fun in the pool that afternoon, Jake chasing his ball and Bob trying to steal it from him. Later in the afternoon, they went out for a nice long walk, Jake was chasing everything he thought he saw moving, and rushing through the undergrowth chasing lovely smells.
Life was back to normal and Lottie had the feeling she finally could relax.
Later, in the evening, she sat on the sofa and the tiredness just hit her with a full bang. She felt exhausted. Time for an early night!

The Friday followed and all went as normal. Jake was happy, every now and then hunting for Bob walking like a real “Butch”. They went for walkies and played a game of fetch in the pool.
Jake’s apatite kept looking like he had been starving for weeks. However, Lottie kept continuing giving him his food four times a day, just to make sure he was well and without stomach trouble.
Lottie fell asleep on the sofa later in the day and woke up with an almighty headache.
Another seriously early night, as this headache was doing her head in!

Saturday morning came and when she let Jake out in to the garden he could barely walk. He had a massive wee and had a funny walk when he walked back into the house. She kept an eye on him when they went for their morning walk. He was really walking slowly and carefully. Poor sod.
After breakfast she looked up where the back-leg lymph nodes are, to make sure she was checking the right spot when she would give him a check-up. She felt/checked Jake’s back-legs and checked where the pain came from. He responded in both legs on the places where the nodes are, but it could also be the muscles as they are close to the nodes. “Oh dear” Lottie thought. No long walk and a lot of resting today! No rough playing!
She walked the boys separately the rest of the day. For Bob a normal round and for Jake a short one. Jake was bored, but she could not have him bouncing of the walls with the chance he might hurt himself. Luckily it was a very warm day and like humans it slows down the boys too. Hopefully tomorrow he would feel a little better, his girlfriend was coming around to play.
The rest of the day, Lottie made sure Jake was not jumping on, and more importantly, off things and kept him on the ground. They did play a game of fetch, but for a very short period (three times she threw the ball at a very short distance). Just to give Jake the idea he had done his daily routine.
In the evening she stayed indoors and watched TV.
Her headache from being exhausted was still there and after taking a painkiller she put the boys to bed and turned in herself. This being so tired that you have a massive headache was beyond funny. “She looked with her left eye into her right trouser pocket” was the phrase that came to her mind.

The next day started as usual with the enormous long wee in the garden followed by walkies and breakfast. Jake, thankfully, seemed a little better this morning, no funny walk. When her mum and Jake’s girlfriend are with her, he can run around a little without any trouble.
Lottie tried to get everything ready in the morning and both boys knew someone was coming to visit.
Mum arrived plenty in time and before Lottie started lunch, they all had a swim in the pool.
After swimming Lottie started to prepare lunch, her mum was setting the table and Jake and his girlfriend were running through the garden playing silly billies. When Jake was getting tired, Bob took over to entertain Jake’s girlfriend. They were both loving it. As Bob is older, the playing was gentler, but Lottie could see Bob was enjoying it. All three dogs had a good afternoon and she knew they would be sound asleep early in the evening.
After her mum left Lottie settled on the sofa with a cup of coffee. Jake and Bob both somewhere on the living room floor, knackered. This was until Jake decided he wanted to speed things up a bit in his daily routine.
Normally, with the new feeding regime in progress, he gets his last bit of food around 10pm. However, this evening Jake decided differently…. He sat himself like a statue next to the door just after 8pm, and started staring at her.20151128_122709_004-2 Lottie started to laugh, as she knew what he was on about and ignored him. He sat there for about 45 minutes and when he did not get any of her, according to him, well deserved attention, he started to walk between her and the door. Note that Jake does not walk normal in these cases, he either walks like “Butch” or sort of just not runs, and when you try to watch TV and relax this “sort of not running” is seriously annoying. He knows he gets on Lottie’s nerves with this. Lottie told him a several times to lay down, which he did for a minute or two, but then was up and running again. She got fed up with him, and told him to go to bed and stay there! When he finally did, it was only 30 minutes before he would get his last food.
“So much for a quiet night” Lottie thought. Jake is seriously trying to make things go his way. He REALLY is back to normal….
When it was time for feeding she let him and Bob have a wee first, then fed them.
She settled them for the night straight away and went to bed herself. She was still knackered, she needed a good night sleep! And hopefully in the morning no headache!

When Jake went out for his wee in the next morning he was doing his funny walk again, worse than two days ago, and his back was hunched. After his wee the hunched back was gone but the funny walk was still there. She felt sorry for him, but could not help thinking “He can join Monty Python’s Ministry of Funny Walks” and bursted out in laughter. She could not help herself, it looked funny. She feared he might have overdone it a little bit yesterday, so to day: short/ separate walks and NO RUNNING!
She made a mental note in her head to ask the vet on Thursday if this was related to the chemo.
When she took the Laundry out Jake wanted to play his usual game with his toy. She let him make one run, and then told him they were done. He laid next to her chewing his toy while she continued putting the laundry out on the lines. If he was happy this way, so was she.20170520_111730
All the walks she did with the boys were separate. At least she got a bit more exercise, not enough though.
Sadly, no swimming in the pool today as Jake has no clue how to play “nice and calm”. Jake is a “I sleep or I can’t stop myself” dog, and there is nothing in the middle. In this he reminded Lottie so much of Tequilla. Tequilla was a dog of extremes, that is until much later in life when the arthritis made her slow down. She was a dog who always went full on. Wasn’t scared of anything or anyone. Lottie missed her, a lot. Every time when Jake reminded Lottie of Tequilla, Lottie’s heart was hurting. It will mellow in due time, she knew, but she was not at that stage yet.
Lottie did play a little bit of fetch with Jake, more to make him feel assured then the actual playing, and he was happy with it. she made sure he had a good rest later in the day.
When the evening came, as Lottie expected, Jake was trying his best to get his late-night food way before 10pm. Jake went through all of his antics again, the statue-ing and butch walk. This time she sends him to his bed earlier, so she could watch some TV and relax! Little bastard, always trying to get his way!

Lottie is getting used to the early rises, she now wakes up even before the boys are awake! She is not happy with it, but at least it is light outside at 06:15 am!
Jake is still a bit hunched over and has his funny walk when he goes out for his wee. Another calm day, and she feels sorry for him. This is gonna be difficult, as her mum and Jake’s girlfriend will be there later in the day.
Lottie’s mum is going on vacation and Jake’s girlfriend will be staying with Lottie and the boys. Hopefully, after today, it all calms down and they all settle in the routine. Jake’s girlfriend knows the daily routine well, she has stayed often with Lottie and fits in perfectly after one night sleep.
Lottie was busying all morning, making sure everything was cleaned. Her mum was staying the night. Tomorrow, very early in the morning, Lottie was taking her mum to the airport to go on her travels. Lottie made sure that the boys were walked and had their lunch time food before they arrived, so no fights and difficulties would occur.
When Lottie’s mum arrived they had lunch together, let the dogs play a short game of fetch and then got themselves ready go to St. & B (Stitch and Bitch). Lottie’s weekly outing to just be able to talk to other people and about other things in life. To be fair, there is not a lot of stitching or bitching going on. Just a friendly group of (old) girlies talking about daily live . . Especially at this moment Lottie enjoyed these moments,  life was very much consumed by everything to do with Jake, bless him ❤.
St & B

Early that evening they made a simple meal for dinner and talked about mum’s travel and watched a little TV.
Obviously, later that evening, Jake sits according to his new routine around 8 pm next to the door. It sort of upsets his girlfriend and the two of them are running in and out of the house and garden, barking at nothing, because neither of them know how to respond to each other’s reaction. Lottie has to tie in the ropes for the next coming days as she was not going to have any of this while she was on her own with three dogs.
They all went to bed early that night; an early morning start was ahead of them.

The alarm went off way to early, well for Lottie’s feeling anyway. Her mum and Lottie got themselves ready to start the day with the daily routine.
Dogs out in the garden, walkies, breakfast, getting dressed and then, finally, off to the airport.
The road was not too bad. Lottie had expected more traffic and even a traffic jam, but they were lucky and without any hiccups, Lottie’s mum was in more than plenty of time at the airport, and all seemed to sail smoothly.
3 hours later Lottie was back home and she treated herself first to a coffee. Then it was time for the lunchtime walks. She decided to make two walks, one with Jake and one with Bob and Jake’s girlfriend. It takes a bit more time, but less trouble and calmer walks then taking them all three in one go.
She went out with Jake and he did all he needed to do, no funny walks today. he seemed a little better. He was even bouncing behind his gate when she came back home from the airport. He had not done this for a while. It was funny to see him like that. It was really a case of: “Now you see him, now you don’t”.
When she got back with Jake, she gave all three some food, left Jake in his room and took the other two out for their walkies. With Jake being very occupied with his lunch, he would not notice they would be going, so no anxiety there. It worked, when she got back he was sleeping in his bed.
They had a short, none overdoing it, game of fetch in the afternoon.20170531_162240 And after the two evening walks and dinner, Lottie tried to have a quiet evening, it had been a long day. Maybe not a busy one, but a wearing you out one. Although Jake was trying to get his attention by sitting next to the door, trying to be being obnoxious with his: “it is time for my next treat / walk / cuddle” or whatever he thinks is next on the list, he seemed to realize it was not going to happen and at some point he went on his mat next to Lottie and slept.
She watched a movie and when it was finished she sorted the dogs out and went to bed.
Tomorrow morning Jake had to go to the vets. She was mildly positive about it, as this would be the last chemo and then the visits would calm down a bit.

The morning went like a well-oiled machine. Around 07.30 Lottie and Jake where on their way to the vet and his clinic. They arrived in plenty of time and had to wait a little before the vet came out.
When he did came out, they talked about how Jake had been over the week. Apart from his back legs, all seemed normal. When they talked about Jake’s back legs, he told her this is to do with him being an idiot after not being able to do a lot of running before and during the first period of his treatment, he had muscle ache. Lottie had to laugh and was relieved at the same time. At least no nastiness this time.
She handed Jake over to the vet and went for her coffee in the restaurant where she had been the last couple of weeks.
The vet is taking blood samples, making and echo and giving him a different type of chemo. Hopefully the results are good and they will have two months off.
When she came back to pick up Jake in the clinic, the vet told her Jake is “okay” and he did not have to come back till next Friday. Next Friday…what about he 2 months off, went through her mind. He explained that the treatment they started today should be working, but there is a chance it will stop and then they have to change it to different chemo treatment, probably in about two months.
Lottie realized she had miss understood him last week. That is what you have when you speak in a language that is not your own…. it goes wrong sometimes. They won’t have two months off. This treatment would be for about two months, and when this treatment stops working they have to go over to another one. Bummer! But hey, if it was good for Jake and he wasn’t in pain or anything else, she did not mind.
Back home Bob and Jake’s girlfriend where very happy to see them come back. It made Lottie feel like she had been gone for months, not two hours.
Although Jake was no longer walking his funny walk, they didn’t have their swim. Both Bob and Jake had their anti-flea, tick and mosquito treatment and that means no swimming for two days.
But she did play a game of fetch with the three of them and took them for some nice longer walks later in the afternoon as well.

Much later that day, after dinner, Jake was calm and there was no statue-ing next to the door. Lottie guessed he understood that it was not going to happen as mummy was not giving in.
They had a nice and calm evening. Lottie was relaxed and more important, no headache!






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