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Lottie and Jake ; 3




When Lottie came down the next morning, Jake’s bedding was all dirty. He must have been unwell in the night but she had not noticed it. She felt bad about this. She always has all the doors open to make sure if there is anything, she would hear it but clearly she must have been so fast asleep the noises had not woken her up.

** Jake sleeps in his own bedroom due to safety. Lottie can’t bear the thought of him jumping on something, misjudging his jump and break something. Also, she would not want to think what would happen if the boys would be together if she was not there, and start one of their major fights. Because of that Jake has his own room and he is so used to it that when she goes out or when it is bed time he is in there faster than lightening  **


When Jake was on his way to the garden he stopped at Bob’s water bowl. Lottie told him to stop drinking, he wouldn’t, he just could not stop. Although he has a water bowl is his room he kept going emptying Bobs bowl. When she looked at him and told him again to stop, she saw he was exploding at the other end at the same time. When he finally walked away he still let it all go all over the living room floor and Bob’s bedding.
She sends Jake in the garden to finish the rest of his exploding bladder, cleaned all the bedding and put the washing machine on.
They went out for a walk and Jake’s stool was back to being bad. She suspected the chemo was starting to do its work. Jake seemed still happy and he looked like it was not really troubling him.
She made the boys and her own breakfast and after this she cleaned up the house. Lottie’s mum and Jake’s girlfriend were coming around for coffee.
While Lottie was busy cleaning she noticed Jake was getting slower and she thought to better keep an eye on him. He started panting and swallowing and she knew breakfast was about to come out. It did. She gave him some of Tequilla’s meds to soften the stomach, but this came out with the same speed as it went in. Lottie left him for an hour and tried it again. When he responded well to it, she gave him a little bit of food, so the empty stomach feeling would go away. Jake settled on the sofa and fell asleep for a while.
When Lottie’s mum arrived, he was back to being himself. He played a little with his girlfriend. She was gentle with him, she knew he was not well. When her mum left, he just laid on the floor, being not well.  Lottie started to worry again, was she doing the right thing, is this the way to go, or did she have to make the decision nobody wants to make ever.
When they went for walkies in the afternoon, Jake’s stool was seriously bad. She could not even pick it up. He was getting slower and slower during the day and later in the afternoon Jake was seriously sick again. She tried another of Tequilla’s meds, but this didn’t seem to have the result she wanted. It looked more like she was making it worse using it. The prednison she gave him, did not stick either.
When dinner time came,  Jake wanted his but when he started to eat, he spitted it out again and just sat there feeling and looking miserable. Lottie’s heart was breaking. This is the first time he refuses to eat. With all they have been through since he came to live with them, the one thing you could count on is that he would eat! Three more times he managed to be sick, the last one all fluid.
She waited for 2 hours and then gave him an omeprazol and a very small piece of ham. He took it!Image1
She boiled an egg, waited for it to cool down and mixed it with some of his food and HE ATE!!!! HE ATE!!!!! Not all of it and mostly the egg, but something went in! It took him a while to eat it. She could see he was struggling, but he ate some. Hopefully it will stay in and tomorrow morning he will be a little better.
Come bed time nothing had come out jet and Lottie gave Jake a little bit of food. He did eat some of it, “What is in, is in” she thought. When she petted him, she could feel his bones through his skin. He was so skinny. These last three weeks really had taken their toll on him. She held him for a bit close to her. It felt so unfair.
When Jake was settled for bed, she turned in herself. Her mind was restless as she was worried what was gonna happen next. If this is what chemo was gonna do to Jake, then this was gonna be the first and the last one he was gonna get!!!

There were no unpleasant surprises when Lottie came down to let Jake out into the garden the next morning. He did have another very very long wee. But it was all emptied in the garden!
When out for walkies, Jake did not do much. There was nothing left in his little body to get rid of.
Back home she made breakfast for everybody, hoping Jake would eat a little. He didn’t, he looked at it and did not fancy any of it. She decided boiled egg was needed again, but when she gave it to him he turned around in his bed and went to sleep. She tried to hand feed him the egg, but it was not gonna happen. Lottie was getting desperate! He needs to eat!! He needs nutrition and put on some weight. She went back to the kitchen and got him another little bit of ham. This he liked, it surprised her, but he liked it. It meant his taste is changing. Maybe due to the chemo or due to the cancer in the liver. Maybe even both. She decided that she was going to buy some tinned food and see if that would work.
When she came back from the weekly shop, she put all the groceries away and opened one of the small tin’s she bought to give to Jake. It stank like there is no tomorrow. She couldn’t believe dogs like this so much, but they do.
She grinded a quarter of his own food to powder and mixed it with a big lump of the tinned food. Both Jake and Bob were standing behind her while she was doing this, drooling badly and leaking on the floor. The smell of this tinned food must be soooooo nice… like you “have died and gone to heaven”.20170520_121846
She gave Jake his food, Bob got a dollop too. Jake did not eat, he scuffed it away! He LOVED it! So did Bob. Lottie was relieved to see it all go in. He ate! She waited for a while to see if anything would come out but he seemed to feel a little better.
After their lunch, made of the same concoction, Jake wanted to play his game of fetch. As he seemed to be a lot better she did play with Bob and him. She could see he was a feeling better and better by the minute and a lot better than this morning. He was barking and running, and they truly had fun.
As the day progresses, Jake was more and more happier. Everything stayed in, and little by little he was becoming his own naughty self.
She decided to stop with Tequilla’s meds totally and only give him the omeprazol ½ hour before breakfast and ½ an hour before dinner. Hopefully this works, fingers crossed!
When settling for the night she gave him the last bid of grinded stinky grub. Lottie had to laugh when she walked in to Jake’s room. Jake was sitting upright in his bed, waiting for her to bring it. He barely could wait for her to put the bowl down. He looked so “happy”. She gave him a kiss and left him to eat and fall asleep.
When Lottie went to watch some TV to calm down before going to bed herself, she was a lot more relaxed. She seriously could see Jake was close to feeling okay. She might be wrong, and yes, it might be just for now. But just for now, her boy was a happy boy, peacefully sleeping in his bed and therefore she was happy too.
At 06.30 am Jake was rattling his bedroom gate, being in SUPER HIGH NEED for a wee.
Lottie raced down, opened the door to the garden and let him out…. His little legs could not carry him fast enough but he made it, just!
Out on their morning walk he still had a “not to be able to pick up” Nr.2, but not as bad as the previous day.
When she was making their breakfast Jake was a serious “little bastard” demanding his food. He clearly wasn’t feeling to bad and was HUNGRY.
After breakfast she did the laundry and when taking the laundry out Jake was being “the old Jake”. A little pest with his toy, waking up the neighbours and Lottie was happy! Happy to see he was a little bit more himself, a little bit happier and just a little bit more her lovable ragamuffin ❤.
He did love this mix of tinned and grinded food mix. It seemed to not interfere with the omeprazol and prednison. He was genuinely happy. She dared not to hope he was back to normal. With this disease the possibility that it turns around in a very short time is very common. But for now, she was happy.
Lunch time came and Jake could not wait to eat his lunch. It (almost) went in, in one go. He looked like he had not eaten for days, well he had view days of not so very well eating. She just could not believe what a turnaround he had made in the last 24 hours!
She dreaded Wednesday coming, as she was afraid he would be sick again from the chemo, and how long would it take this time for him to turn around.
Jake was feeling so well that he helped her while she cleaned the house. Fighting the vacuum cleaner (read: barking at it, and following it around), helping with all the laundry (read: playing with his ball and nicking the pegs). The dusting was done while he was holding the cloth in his mouth (read: nicking it when mummy lay it on the floor/bed/chair). He seriously was behaving the way he did before they went on vacation. Lottie just could not believe it, was scared to believe it. She has the feeling there is a catch that would pop up soon. He did have a lack of energy and after being so busy all morning he was totally knackered.
Lottie’s mum and her Jake’s girlfriend came late that afternoon. They had planned to go out to the local Indian that evening, with a group of friends.
Jake was in such a good way that he even played with his girlfriend before they went out. When Lottie and her mum left to go for dinner, they made sure the three fur babies where comfortable and, with Jake being so well today, Lottie was not troubled to go out for a while. When they came back home later that evening, all three were still happy. They had a quick wee in the garden, Jake got some more of his mixed food and settled down fast to go to sleep. Lottie’s mum was staying the night, as Lottie did not want her mum to drive home in the middle of the night.
This was the first time in three weeks Lottie could say that this day was a good day. A REALLY GOOD DAY! And Lottie was one happy mummy!

In the morning, Lottie chased Bob and Jake’s girlfriend upstairs to make sure Jake would not get over exited and explode. She opened the door to the garden, went to get Jake and…… was to late. He already lost some. She still send him to the garden, as she knew he had some left in there. He even did an nr. 2 and this was a semi good one! Clearly, he was happy to see his Girlfriend and Lottie’s mum, that he was not able to keep it in anymore.
She cleaned up his mess and slang his bedding in the washing machine. They went for walkies all together, with a lot of barking and playing between Jake and his girlfriend.
Back home she made everybody’s breakfast. And the three pooches scuffed up their food in seconds, Bob and Jake’s girlfriend had some of this tinned food too.
The horrible thing about this tinned food is that the dogs had more gas to get rid of and it stank! It smelled after the food they were given. But hey, Jake loved it and he ate!! He ate well!!
Jake was seriously happy the peppy this morning. He even had a little chase in the garden with his girlfriend. After another good run-around in the garden he fell fast asleep on his mat that morning and he looked peaceful. He was having a good morning!
When her mum left, Lottie went to do some cleaning in Jake’s bedroom. It made Jake feel confused and he went upstairs and lay on Lottie’s bed. She could hear him snore, and she smiled. “He is okay” she thought and her heart made a happy jump.
After the cleaning she made herself some coffee and Jake knows, when she makes coffee, he and Bob always get a treat. When the sound of the coffee machine woke him up, he could not come downstairs fast enough. He came bouncing of the stairs in to the walls, to make sure he was not missing out on anything. Little sod, and yes, he did get his treat.
Jake had a really good day. His food stayed in, he loved to play for short periods at the time and was content. He even pulled on the lead when they went out for walkies. Lottie hoped that he would feel like this for a while, at least till the next chemo session! Tomorrow she needed to call the vet and tell him this week’s events. So far one bad day since treatment, and after that it was all good.
around bed time he had his last bid of mixed grub, and like before, it barely touched the sides of his mouth. He loved it. Tomorrow morning she was going to try to give his normal food and see how that would go.


Lottie woke up later than usual. It looked like both the boys needed a lie in, and she was grateful for it. She went downstairs to check up on Jake and let him out to the garden to do his business.
She checked his bedding and no accidents there. Nice!
On the morning walk all was as it should be. The day started promising, and it looked like it was gonna be a lovely one.
After breakfast Lottie noticed Jake was a bit off. She went to get dressed and he stayed in his bed. Not a good sign!
She did some of the daily tasks, and after that she called the vet and explained how the last 5 days had passed by. She also told him that Jake was a little slow this morning, not wanting to do anything. He listened to her, advised her to keep an eye on Jake to see how he was the rest of the day. He asked her to call back the next day would go from there. She promised she would and felt concerned. She had to shake this feeling off, this was not helping anybody. Maybe things are not that bad and she just needed to relax a little more.
Lottie had to go and get some errands done. She made sure the boys were okay before she left, hoping Jake would not deteriorate badly before she got back. She hurried up and was back within 45 minutes. When she got back dear Jake was bouncing off the walls like an idiot, being his naughty little self…. Lottie let go a sigh of relief! This was very much the opposite of what she expected to get when she got in. She also had the feeling she lied to the vet, but an hour ago he was miserable! He had made a 180-degree turnaround from the way he was less than an hour ago!
That afternoon they went for a long walk and swim in the pool. Jake loved it. You could see he was feeling a lot better, the neighbours could hear it too… he was barking his head off, and just for this one time, she let him. Her heart was laughing, jumping for joy to see him so happy. And Jake kept coming back for more. At some point she had to stop him as she could see he was really getting tired. The old Jake was back!!!
Lottie decided the boys would get “their normal food” for their evening meal. All went well, Jake ate all of it, and was happy.
They had a nice quiet evening on the sofa, and when bedtime came, both boys settled down fast.
The next day Lottie woke up due to Jake bashing his gate. She went down, let him out and he had a massive wee.
The morning walk went without any nasty surprises and breakfast went without trouble.
She did her daily morning tasks and when it was time she called the vet. She explained yesterday’s shenanigans, and how surprised she was when he turned from not so well to bouncing of the walls. She also apologized for being an over worrying mummy. She is just so worried that all these happy moments won’t last.
He told her to come in tomorrow for an echo and 2nd chemo treatment.
The rest of the day was as “normal” as it could be. Jake was definitely his usual self! They went for a long walk, played in the pool and had a lovely relaxed evening. 20150907_142543
Jake was even making sure Lottie kept to their daily routine…! Lottie had not missed this part of him, but was so happy to see him like this that she covered him in kisses and hugs, and of course Bob was not left out in all of this.


Wednesday morning they had an early start. Jake had to be at the vets at 08.30 am, she did not want to be late!
Their morning went like a well-practised routine. Bob got his favourite treat before she and Jake left, it was so unfair to leave him all on his own… poor Bob. She would make up for it when they came back home.
Arriving at the vets, Jake was not to happy to go in. When he sat down he was shivering. Lottie felt bad for him, but there was nothing she could do, apart from reassuring him that he was okay.  When the vet came, they spoke a little more over how the week had progressed. She told him, she really felt bad when Jake was so poorly, but was amazingly surprised he turned around so quickly after he started eating his mixed grub, and how he was almost back to his usual self.
Lottie handed over Jake’s lead and wanted to walk away. Jake was not having any of this and he went full on the breaks. She walked with him and the vet towards the stairs and when she saw them go up she turned around and left. This time it was only gonna be 40 minutes before she could pick him up.
She went to the cafe where she went last week, got her book out and started to read. She was nervous, she had a weird feeling and wished the 40 minutes passed quicker than they did.
When she came back to the clinic, the vet came out to see her while the nurse was fetching Jake.
The vet told her that he had good news. The echo they took showed that the lymph nodes had shrunken to their normal seize!!! Lottie looked at him super surprised. She could not believe what she was hearing. He told her they were as surprised as she was. They had hoped that the nodes would have shrunken a little, but back to normal size was even for them a new thing, considering they were 4,5 cm when they made the echo the first time. Especially surprised as Jake only had his first chemo treatment the week before! Obviously, the cancer was still there, but that he responded this well just meant Jake would be with them just that little bit longer. Fingers crossed for this, as with cancer you never know what is next on the menu.
They made an appointment for next week. Jake was getting one more treatment, but this time with a different type of chemo. In the mean time she needed to keep giving Jake the prednison and omeprazol. After next weeks’ treatment, the vet told Lottie, there would be about two months before they need to come back for a check-up. Lottie was smiling, smiling a smile from one ear to the other. She just could not believe what the vet was telling her. Her heart was jumping for joy. She paid the bill and left the clinic. Outside she gave Jake the biggest cuddle in the world. They both “skipped” to the car to drive back home and share the news with her hubby and her mum.
In the afternoon they played in the pool and for the first-time Lottie could believe Jake was okay! He really WAS okay!! And considering the way he behaved the last couple of days, she knew things were OKAY. She knew this would only be until things would go downhill again. But hopefully not for a long time.
She made a party meal for the three of them and in the evening she settled on the sofa with the boys on either side of her. She was happy and she smiled. What a good day this was! A very, very good day ❤









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