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Lottie and Jake; 2





The next day Lottie started the treatment with one omeprazol for his stomach half an hour before his breakfast and dinner and one prednison with his breakfast and dinner to shrink the lymph nodes. Jake seems to be responding ok with this. He is a dog that responses very fiercely to any medication and has been known to have all the side effects that are in the leaflet that comes with the medication. Lottie purposely did not read it as she knew she would think the worst every time Jake would burp.

The first day passed and Jake seem to be okay-ish. He still ate, was active. Wanted to go walkies, go play fetch in the pool and in the drive. Lottie was happy with this, she hoped and prayed it would stay this way. Sadly, she was wrongly happy about this, just before ten in the evening Jake loses all his food, including the food he had that morning. She was all but pleased about this! Poor little sod. She is more than heart broken and she holds, cuddles and comforts him as he has no clue what is going on or what to do to make it better. He is so confused, but is happy with her holding him. She is not even sure if this iss caused by the cancer or by the meds, or maybe even both. Angrily she thought “What the fuck am I gonna do to make him NOT FEEL SICK!!”20170106_161703
She cleans Jake and the sick up and lets him be in peace for a bit. When she goes to bed, she cuddles him a bit more and tries to settle him for the night.
Oh lord, what is going on here. She tries to sleep that night, but the worry over Jake is too big. In the end, she manages a couple of un-restful hours but is up early to make sure Jake is ok.


The following day Jake is not himself. When out on their morning walk, he loses whatever was left in his stomach from the day before. Thankfully he had a poo, so he did get some nutrition passing through him. He is slow and clearly lacking energy. She has the feeling he must have felt like this all night. Lottie is worried, what’s next and again the thought comes in her mind on how can she stop him being so miserable.
Lottie decides to give Jake his food 4x a day instead of 2x a day, so his tummy is not doing overtime and every little bit that does not come out of the wrong end will give him some nutrition. She gives him half of his breakfast, with all his meds and lets him be for a bit. He is still lethargic and clingy and, clearly, seriously not feeling well.
She has an appointment at the hairdressers that morning, and after she makes sure Jake is okay before she leaves, she dares to give herself some time to get her hair done. Just a wash, clip and dry. It takes less than an hour and when she arrives back home Jake seemed a lot happier and even greeted her when she came in his room. Lottie is relieved by this and gives him a big hug.
Around lunch time Lottie gives Jake the 2nd half of his breakfast. It goes in without a struggle and he seems happy. Lottie thinks “so far so good” and hopes and prays she is right. At least it means the meds stayed in and are doing their job. Jake is behaving “normal” throughout the afternoon. And Lottie sticks tightly to his routine to keep life as normal as possible.
When dinner time comes, she gives Jake half of his meal, including the meds. It all keeps going according to plan and Lottie is a sort of relieved it is.
Jake is feeling well and even has a play fight with Bob! Lottie is happy with this. This is a good sign as he had not done that for a while, so it looks like progress is being made.
Around bed time Lottie gives Jake the last half of his dinner and he eats it with taste. She did notice he drank a lot of water although she was trying to keep an eye on it. He had been doing this for a while, and apparently, this is caused by the lymphoma… She already knew this was gonna bite her in the ass in the morning.
When she went to bed she fell asleep quickly and she had a reasonable night in bed. Hopefully this prednison would not make his life to bad. She knew it was wishful thinking, but you have to hold on to something.

Early in the morning Lottie was woken up by Jake squealing. She knew something was amiss and went to check on him straight away.  When she saw him and the floor around him she knew what had happened. He peed all over the place…. He was seriously howling,” whooohoohoohooo I-oooo hav-ooooo wee’dooooo…..” She was feeling sorry for him and laughing at the same time. As she had thought last night, this drinking too much water was gonna bite her in the bum and she was right.20170516_074138
She let him go outside and he had some more to get rid of. She cleaned up after him and make sure he was alright. Bob was all confused about this, but he does not mind an early start, he loves it!
Out on their morning walk she noticed Jake’s stool is a little softer than normal, but this is probably due to the amount of water he had drunken. So, no surprises there.
Throughout the day Jake seemed to be ok. She did make sure to keep an eye on his water intake.
She was happy enough to leave the boys on their own for a bit to go and see her mum. When she returned, all was normal and it gave Lottie a relieved feeling that things seemed to be not so bad.
Jake looked to do well on the 4 meals a day and the meds she gave him. They even had a “hooray” moment when later in the day Jake’s stool was no longer flat! She was laughing about herself, “Have you ever seen someone SO HAPPY about poo….” She thought. Who cares, it was important to her!  She did not want her boy to be in pain and feel miserable, and it seemed he wasn’t. However, Lottie had to admit she was very surprised that the meds were working this fast. It amazed her! She kept her fingers crossed and hoped it would stay this way. During the evening she made sure he had plenty of wee’s in the garden. Before bed time she did the last round, gave him his last bit of food for the day and settled him in for the night.
This was a good day and she was happy. She would be able to sleep tonight without too much worrying.

Lottie woke up early the next morning, and when she looked at the alarm clock, it was 06:30, way to early for her liking. She thought to turn over and have another half an hour but her mind was already occupied with Jake. She sighed, got dressed and went to check up on him.
Thankfully, there were no accidents. She opened the door to the garden to make sure his first port of call would be to empty his bladder, and he did. Bob came all dancing and skipping  to the garden with them. Bob does not run! In his moments of happiness and chasing whatever he likes to chase he skips and dances and barks like a girl, and Lottie loves him for being how he is, a lazy bum.
They went out for their morning walk. Jake had a very loose stool, she could not pick it up. She knew Jake did not have too much water yesterday, she made sure of that. This made her worry, it did not look right. She made a mental note of this and after Bob had done all his business, they went back home and she made breakfast for the boys and her.
After breakfast she put the washing machine on and went out to do the groceries. On her return all was still okay, no wet patches or other kind of bodily liquids in the house. Lottie played a game of fetch with Jake while she put out the laundry and he was happy. He was running like a maniac and annoying the neighbours with his high-pitched barking. The thing he does when Lottie is not quick enough, according to him that is.
They went out for a long walk, Lottie had a birthday lunch to attend that afternoon. And while out Jake had another runny number 2. It did not sit well with Lottie, but she did not know what to do about this.
After the walk, she gave them their lunch and got herself ready to go for the lunch. She would have preferred to stay at home, but as Jake seemed fine all that morning, apart from the loose stool, she went and enjoyed herself for a wee bit. She did leave earlier to go back home than the rest of the group as her worry did not fade while she was out.
When she came back Jake was clingier and did not want to leave her side.
She took the boys out for a short walk and his stool came out flat, in the beginning, and then in to clear water. This was NOT GOOD! Did these meds work, or was she just hoping they would, against better judgement?
For the boys dinner she made them boiled eggs to make things a bit more solid.
After dinner Jake was not well. He was constantly in his bed, did not want to come out and seemed he was back to the way he was before they had made the CT scan. Lottie started to doubt everything that was going on. What was she doing to him? Was this the right thing to do? She hated to see him like this and she hated herself even more as she was giving him those bloody pills.
He looked like he had trouble with his breathing and he kept laying on his left side of his body. He stayed all of the evening in his bed apart from the occasional wee in the garden. She tried to settle him for the night and hoped he would be ok. She was thinking of sleeping next to him, but as he calmed down a little and fell asleep, she decided against it.
Lottie was not happy. She did not like this at all! This is not how she wants to see Jake!!


The next morning was not the best start. Jake came out of his room, straight for the front door that she already had opened for him. But he did not make it. He exploded….. from bedroom to front door a trail of wee. “No need for the garden” Lottie thought. She was not angry with him. He was not the type of dog that would purposely do this. She just calmed him down and cleaned it all up.
Out for their morning walk they went and she was happy to see the eggs had done some good for him.
Back from their walkies she boiled more eggs and made their breakfast.
Saturday is Lottie’s “cleaning the house” day. She started her task by getting her bedding in the washing machine and cleaned the upstairs of the house.
While putting the laundry out on the line, Lottie and Jake played his favourite game of fetch. When she tried to lift him off the floor, to spin him around a little while holding his toy, Jake squealed and let go and stopped playing his game. Clearly something was not right. Lottie comforted him and tried to see if she could find something. She didn’t, but she did feel bad. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt him.
She finished cleaning the house and when all done they went for a short lunchtime walk as it was too hot outside. Summer is really close.
When she started to make the boys lunch, Jake started to pant heavily and at some point lost his breakfast. Lottie was right next to him, holding him and rubbing his belly, as she knew it was coming. This was not good! She left his lunch on the kitchen sink, no need to give him anything now. It won’t stay in. Bob only gets a tiny little bit for the show, just to make him feel not left out when Jake gets his.
Although Jake was pestering her by trying to play a game of fetch while she had her lunch, she did not give in to it. His stomach was so upset that she did not want to make it worse. In the end he settled, went to his bed and she did not see him for a while.
First thing Monday morning Lottie was gonna do was calling the vets!! This needs to be sorted! Her brain was working overtime to think of ways how to keep Jake as comfortable as she can.
Tomorrow it is Mother’s Day and she planned to go together with her mum to the local Italian in the place her mum lives. But if Jake is like this, she would prefer to stay at home, making sure he was alright.
When her mum calls to check up on Jake, they decide her mum would come to Lottie for Mother’s Day, and they will eat chicken legs out of the oven, with chips and apple sauce. Lottie is a sort of relieved she does not have to go. She is so worried about her little hero that she doesn’t know which way to go. She feels so helpless to have to watch how he is going through all this awfulness.
“THIS SUCKS BIG TIME” she shouts, and the tears are rolling over her cheeks.
And worse of this all… The idiot STILL wants to play his game of fetch…… Silly boy ❤When she goes out to get the laundry in, they play a gentle game of fetch, and he seems happy for a little while.
Image1Come dinner time she gives him a little bit of his food and some boiled egg with his meds.
In the evening he tries to drink a lot of water, Lottie keeps telling him no, thank fully he listens. He is seriously restless. In and out of his bed all evening, not able to settle down.
When time for bed comes, she lets him out for a last wee, gives him a tiny treat and lets him calm down. It does not seem to work and just before midnight he is very sick.
This is BAD!!!!! SO BLOODY BAD!!!!
She cleans up and sits with him and cuddles him. He is clinging on to her and the tears are back again. She feels so bad for him. He does not deserve this crap!
When he finally settles and falls asleep she leaves his side and decides to read up on this prednison malarkey.
As she guessed, he has all of the, very unpleasant, side effects that this medication can give a dog! NOT GOOD! NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!!
This was NOT a good day in her books! A very NOT GOOD DAY!


On Sunday morning she wakes up early after barely having been able to sleep all night.
She lets Jake out and he has the longest wee in history.
Thankfully no surprises in his bed.
After walkies, she gives him a little bit of his food with some boiled egg and hopes that the meds and the food stay in.
She gets herself ready for when her mum comes, and while she is busy, Jake loses his food again. She promises Jake that the prednison is leaving the premises!!
She cleans it up and tries to comfort him. While she is doing this her mind wonders off to 2 years ago, when Tequilla was very ill. Tequilla had stomach troubles too. This little sod was having the same trouble and suddenly it dawned on her that she still has some of Tequilla’s stomach medication. It is in liquid form, so quickly working. She dives in to the cupboards and finds the, almost full, pack. She checks if it has not passed its date and thankfully it is still good to go.  She hunts for a syringe so she can spray it in his mouth and gives him a tiny little bit and waits, hopes and prays.

** Tequilla was a female Dutch shepherd that came to live with Lottie when she was 5 weeks old. She was, to say the least, a handful. She lived with Lottie for 12,5 years and Lottie loved her to bits. She was her companion when things were rough and she was her companion when things were good.
1.5 years ago she passed away and Lottie misses her very much.
She thinks the only good thing about it was that she gave up her space so Jake could come and live with them **

Within 30 minutes of giving Jake the stomach protector he changed from a very unwell dog into a “come on mummy where is my food! I am starving” dog. Lottie is amazed and SO HAPPY she had thought of this medicine.
She gave him some food and he seems happier, more playful and just a bit more himself. although he is not the way he should be.
When her mum comes she is very surprised when she sees the transformation, and like Lottie, she is relieved he is feeling better.
Lottie tried to be happy, but she had the feeling this would be short lived.
They went out for walkies before lunch, made the roasted chicken, the fries and the apple sauce and had a lovely lunch. Jake was trying to steal food from their plates in his own silly way. It was funny to see how the little ragamuffin tried to get a mouth full. Clearly she gave him some; all 3 the dogs got some. It disappeared within seconds… YUM chicken….hmmmmmm.20160101_131408-1
After lunch they played in the garden. Jake and his girlfriend had a friendly play fight. It was just a lovely Sunday afternoon, with no “worries”.
When dinner time came she gave Jake more of Tequilla’s meds, went for walkies and when they came back she prepared their food. It all seem to go well and, more importantly, it all stayed in!
Lottie was still determent to call the vet’s in the morning. She wanted to talk to him and have some advice on the prednison. Maybe lower the dosage or something else. Besides that, she did NOT want him to go through another 24 hours of this crap ever again!
At the end of the evening, before bed time, she gives Jake his late evening meal and settles him for the night. He falls asleep quickly and Lottie is happy and able to relax a little.
A little later, when she sits in front of the telly, her mind wanders off. She is struggling with what is going on. Her heart wants him here, with her, because she cannot bare the hurt she will feel when she loses him. Her mind tells her no pain, no suffering! And the two simply refuse to come together. But Lottie does know, if these last 2 days happen again, she will make the decision of no suffering!

Lottie had a good night sleep but was awake early.
She went out and started their daily routine of a wee in garden, walkies, breakfast and the usual cleaning and household tasks until t the time she could call the vet. She spoke to one of the nurses, explaining what a difficult weekend it has been. As the vet was in surgery the nurse told Lottie the vet would call her back later in the morning.
Lottie hang up and started to keep herself busy to try and make the morning go faster.
Around lunchtime the vet called her back and Lottie explained her weekend “from hell” to him. She told him she was giving him Tequilla’s medication and it seemed to have a good effect on Jake’s well-being.
The vet told her he was not sure if this being so very unwell was caused by the prednison or by the cancer. He advised her to keep using Tequilla’s meds and keep going with the prednison. He also told her to feed Jake more times a day. But that she did already. She still had to bring Jake in on Wednesday for tests and something else she did not understand over the phone. He told Lottie that what needed to be done only took about an hour and she told him she would be waiting until it was done.
The rest of the day Jake seemed not to bad and he kept going reasonably well. He was okay-ish, the food stayed in, very important! He liked to play a game of fetch, He relaxed and seemed “happy”. The only thing Lottie was worried about was that he kept panting heavily.
When bed time came he settled well and Lottie could relax herself a bit more.
In the days that follow Jake keeps being in an okay-ish way. He does have some troubles here and there and he is frantically obsessed with his water bowl.
At some point he even comes and lays next to her on the sofa and cuddle up against her. This he had not done for a while and she is happy to see him like this. Bless him ❤

Wednesday arrived and Lottie got ready to take Jake to the vets. When it was time to go, she gave Bob a big treat and a cuddle. Bob was clearly feeling left out, and tried to get some of that special attention too. He does not show it as Bob is a dog that keeps it all inside, but every now and then he does demands his bit of attention too. He is just and old and silly man.
She arrived just in time at the vets, so not long to wait. When the nurse came to collect Jake, she told Lottie Jake was having his first chemo. Lottie almost fell of her chair. She had not realized that this was what the vet was talking about on the telephone. And she was not sure if she wanted all this and how would it make Jake feel after he had his?
In the last year she had to many people, very close to her, fallen away due to cancer. And none of them where in a wonderful state of health while they were treated with chemo. They were sick, and worse off all, still lost the battle.
Lottie would do the chemo if she knew that it would save his life, but she already knew that this was never going to happen.
She decided to go ahead with it, as according to the nurse, dogs do not get this sick from chemo.Fotor_149493971039368
She let Jake go and went to a little cafe to drink some coffee and read the book she brought with her. She explained to the lady in the cafe she was waiting to pick up her dog at the vets, and the lady was kind enough to let Lottie stay and wait.
Lottie kept a close eye on the time and when the hour was passed she went back to the clinic to see the vet and pick up Jake.
When the vet came and took her in the consultation room, he told her that they had taken photos of the chest area and the lymph nodes had not shrunken. The prednison had not done its job, apart from making Jake very ill.
Jake had behaved very well. He explained he had given Jake intravenous chemo therapy and he hoped it would work fast. He also told her to keep going with the prednison as it helps the chemo. He asked Lottie to keep a close eye on Jake over the next week, and call him on Monday and tell him how Jake had been over those passed 5 days.
Lottie paid the bill and left, still with a double feeling, she still wasn’t sure about the chemo, but she did want to give Jake a chance to extent his life just that little bit longer if it was at all possible. But only if he was happy!

Back home she took the boys for a long walk and made them a nice lunch.

As Jake was not allowed to much water, he had not been in the pool for a while. But this afternoon they all could go to hell. After the stressful morning she made it a swim feast for the two boys. Jake and Bob love swimming and chasing the ball in the water. And although Jake does not see a lot, he knows exactly where the ball is!
That evening she made a party meal for all three of them and when the night came they fell asleep together on the sofa.













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