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Lottie, calendar girl


As Lottie is a “modern” 50 something woman she is trying her hardest to keep up with all the social media of today. Not everything she sees she likes, but she will give it a go. She did try Twitter, but no thank you. Instagram, what is that all about….. forever making photos of all things other people might be interested in, but she wasn’t. She does like Facebook. She doesn’t post a whole lot on there, but she has joined a couple of groups. She even became an admin in one of those. A kind group with people off all walks of life, seeking a place for peace and comfort. A place people can share their worries, without being judged. There is a lot of support within the group and there is lot of support in the admin team. There is 14 of them in Admin from all over the world (all time zones covered)!
The lady who started the group, after she rescued a blind doggy from a legalised and by government supported rescue organisation,to be able tell her story about how her life has changed for the better. She already had 2 other dogs. One from puppy on, a girl, and one who came from the same rescue, a boy.
The lady, Lottie’s friend, was so intrigued by this little blind doggy that she made it her task to give her a life the way she should have if she would have been born with sight. She wanted her to be running free through the fields, swimming in the river, walking on and in the sea, the beach and in the dunes. Not fearing the wind, and most of all, to trust her voice so she would know she would not be in danger or could hurt herself.
Needless to say that this doggy changed her world inside out. She even wrote books about how she learned the doggy to be free, and how she learned from the doggy how to overcome every obstacle in life by not giving up.

On a cold late January day Lottie logged in into Facebook and checked what had happened in the group. There was a bit of fun going on about all sorts. There was also a serious post about the rescue where her friend’s dogs came from. They needed support in the form of money, and more importantly they were desperately seeking for fosters.
Her friend came up with the idea to maybe make a calendar of the little blind doggy and send all the money from the sold calendars to the rescue organisation, so they could financially support and search for fosters. It was going to be a 15-month calendar ending with the little doggy’s birthday as the last month. An idea was born.

As Lottie is okay-ish with making one image out of multiple ones, she offered to help create the images for the calendar.
Lottie setup her gear on the dining room table as she knew she was gonna be busy for a while.
First things first… Idea’s. How was this little blind doggy being portraited each and every month on the calendar? The ideas came flowing in from the admin team and soon Lottie started to make Nr.1: January. As the Calander frontlittle doggy had never seen snow, this was gonna be a tricky one. There was a lot of work on the cut-outs. She made sure she was “knee deep” in the snow and more important…make it look real! After some pointers from the others she came up with a “good” image that they all agreed on and Lottie was sort of proud she had made it.
For February it wasn’t too difficult, Valentine! Loads of pink and hearts. And it was almost done in one go. The months followed, March with a Hare, April an Easter egg hunt, the little doggy with her bum in the air “looking” for Easter eggs all over the garden, Lottie loved this one, it was good fun to make.
May was done with the may-pole, June with a full moon, July was turned into a holiday card, Augusts in a very sunny photo shoot. September was made in to harvesting the land and October Halloween themed. November obviously, Guy Hawks and then December came. December was a bit of a hard one. They had a lot of good ideas but somehow none of the images seem to work with what they wanted. Some too busy, others not “Christmassy” enough. Lottie started on an image but it just would not work. Then her friend came with another idea and Lottie started from scratch to create that idea. When she was done, the result was good. It was the feeling the admin team wanted. Lottie was proud with what she had made. It did take a long time to get there but it was there and she did not mind people having to look at it.
January came again, with more snow, and February was done too, this time in a lovely field in front of a castle, in a field of blue bells. Lottie’s friend and her little doggy live very close to a castle and the little doggy has a lot of her free runs and adventures here.  Just gorgeous.
Then the last one came. The doggy’s birthday, and Lottie had fun with this one. Bright and colourful. A big birthday cake, balloons, gifts, bows, the lot. She worked endlessly on the cut-outs and the end result was, well she thought, to cute for words. She loved this one. Maybe even her favourite.
It was all done. All 15 months. The team liked it and the calendar was created.
The images were send off to one of the team members hubby, who is a designer/printer, and he was going to take the images and make them into one calendar.
Lottie was send a couple of previews, she loved them. They looked really good. The A-Team and Lottie had done a great job! WOW!

The day came that all was ready. The team was send a preview off all the months and Lottie could not believe her eyes. She loved it! The hubby had done a great job and did the images justice.
Calander back
And now, now it is up for sale! A kind of weird but exiting feeling came over Lottie when she saw it. She was told her name is even printed on the back of the calendar! Lottie can’t believe it….. that is a first…! And even if people won’t see it, she knew her name will be against their walls.
For ones she actually was proud. She knew she had not made this calendar alone. A lot of the ideas and images she came to work with came from the admin team. When deciding what the colours should be, they were looking at all options and everybody came with good ideas that would work with the images. But still, she felt proud.
Lottie ordered the calendar herself as she like to support the rescue organisation AND she really wanted to see it in real life. She can’t wait till she holds a copy in her hands. She will treasure it for a long time to come! Bring on the calendar…. ❤



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