Life according to Jake: a special needs dog with a past

Jake’s Travels, France 2017

Hi all,

Jakey here……,

Well I have been on another adventure. We went all the way to France for it! And I luuuuuuuved it!


I am helping pack the van

It started off with the lots of walking and preparing of things and goodies and food and my bed and all sorts by mummy and daddy before leaving. I always get a bit nervous about these things as I always get that underbelly feeling that something (not so good) is about to happen. But truth to be told, it is getting less because every time they start to run around like mad people it keeps turning out very good!
And then it came. The “special” day. My home bed was carried in to the van and I knew it was time to go on our travels. I always get a bit high on adrenaline in these cases so mummy made sure I stayed well away from my brother Bob, so I could not get this feeling of having to defend my bed and try to sink my teeth in him. But …… I was a good boy!!!! Mummy said so and I even got a treat for being such a good boy.

Well after a bit of faffing about we finally went to our destination.
We stopped a view times on the road for wee’s and poo’s and coffees and bowls of water and snackies.  And guess what, I was a good boy all the way to the place we were going!!! And mummy told me she was so proud! I was the best boy in the world!
Later in the day we finally arrived at our destination and to my surprise I knew where I was. We have been here before! We arrived at the gite with the lake, the one we stayed in last year after a week of fishing at another lake!!!! I love it here, no……no………. I LUUUUUUVE it here!!! I was super happy and I had a good sniffy around the gite to check the place out. I made sure it was all in the same place and also making sure I was not banging into things while I would run around. I remembered how I loved it here! It has loads of nice smells that you can track and loads of little beasties crawling through the grasses and in to the lakes.


Checking if all is still there

Mummy and daddy went to empty the van and put everything where it should be. They did not put my bed on the floor tho… ☹… as they knew I would pick a fight over it when Bob would get close… I only got me bed when it was time for to go to sleep. Sorry guys but I just need to protect my goods when I get a little unsure. And although I knew where we were I still have this disturbing underbelly feeling every time daily routines get out of sync, but I will get there one day. And I do love my bed! It is the best bed ever!

The next day we had lovely walks down the local lanes and around the gite’s lake. I thought it was great! Loads of smells and loads of things to investigate! Mummy said my tail was wagging a 100 miles an hour! She calls it my “happy meter”.
The sun was out and in the afternoon and we sat in the big garden at the lake. I was running freely around the lake trying to map it all out and I did get wet a view times, as I don’t see the difference between the grass and the water… at one point I ended up in the stinky bog, and shortly after, head first in the lake… Bloody grasses, they are so close to the lake, that I can’t smell the difference between them… I just took one step….and under I went and mummy…..she laught!!!! LAUGHT!!!!


Just out of the water

But I got my own back…. I went to say hello and shaking myself right next to her! Now who is laughing, ….she still was…but she was wet too! She took me around the lake and by the time we got back I was a little dryer, as the sun was shining nicely. We just had a nice and calm day, just to get rested from yesterday’s traveling.

Dad had brought all his fishing gear, and at one of the days he loaded them all up and we went out for the day. We ended up at this big lake where loads of fish swim and there was even a mummy duck with 10 ducklings swimming around!
Mummy took Bob and me around the lake to have a look and a sniff. There were a thousand different smells! I even had me paws in the water! I need to add hastily that this was because mummy let go of my lead, and not because I volunteered! Again she laughed and laughed and I looked at her very “not impressed”!
I did find all sorts of things and even found a hole in the ground with some wonderful smells I and tried to dig it out… But no one was home so mummy told me to give it up. I did not agree, but, you guessed it, she pulled me away.
Mummy always keeps me on the lead if we are in a new place, to make sure I don’t bang into things and can hurt myself. Very annoying, but mummies always are.
When we got back to daddy he was finished putting up his fishing gear and we just settled down for a little while. Bob and I ran around without the leads. Mummy was reading her book and daddy was waiting for the fish to bite…they never did….
After a while mummy went out on her own, I did not agree with this!!, to make photos of the flora around us. When she got back she told us a little Robin accompanied her for a little while and it even posed for her so she could take it’s photo. She felt very blessed, as they are normally a little more shy and fly away as soon as us doggies and humans get to close.
The fishing was shortened that day due to the weather seriously turning in to heavy rain, so we packed up and went to the gite. Mummy lighted the fire and it was nice and comfy and warm.
As mummy does not cook when we are on our holidays, lazy human!, they went out for dinner. We stayed indoors, nice and warm and dry.
Sadly the days stayed wet and cold (-3c at night) so no more fishing for daddy.

One of the day’s mummy took Bob and me around the lake at the gite. She stopped at some point and told me that Tequilla, my sister I have never met, was here. Mummy sat down for a bit and started talking to her. She was crying, and told Tequilla she missed her and she loves her a lot. She also told her that  I was a good boy and that I had come a long way since I joined the family. She also told her that it was very grand of her that she gave her place away so I could come and live with them.
I sat with mummy for a bit because I could feel she was sad. Mummy gave me a big cuddle and kiss. After a while she got up to finish our round around the lake and started our daily game of playing with the ball, I love this game!  Mummy was smiling again. It made me happy to see her smile, I think I made it all good again.


Mummy got very busy on the internet thing one morning as one of her friends had recommended some nice lakes in the area to make a nice walk around. At some point mummy and daddy decided where we would go, Bob and me got loaded in the van and off we went.
It was not a too long drive and when we arrived it was beautiful. We started across a bridge, passed a fisher man and then went on a narrow path round the lake. While walking, mummy told me the lake was much bigger on the back-end then it looked at first glance. It was beautiful she said. Loads of sniffies and loads of things to investigate.


Walkies on the lake path

At some point mummy picked me up to pass over a very narrow bridge, as she was afraid I might fall off. I did not mind, I like being carried by mummy. Nice and safe.
When we got back to the starting point we went for coffees and water, and after consuming these we were on our ways back to the gite.
In the afternoon mummy and daddy started packing all the goodies again, and I knew it was time for us to go on our travels. Where to this time?

The next morning daddy took my bed back to the van, loaded all the gear in and after saying their goodbye’s to the lovely owners of the gite we went on our way again.
We had a view stops while traveling for wee’s, poo’s water, coffees and din din’s. and after a long time we stopped again.
When daddy opened the door I jumped out of the van and we were…….HOME… HOME……home again… whoooooooohooooooo……hooooooome…..
I barked and barked and barked like “woof woof, woofy woof” to tell everybody we were back home.
I love being home. I love being in France too.

Life is just good. I love life. I never thought life could be this wonderful! I have the best mummy, daddy and brother in the world!
And now it is time for a good kip, as I am exhausted from going on holiday…. But…..bring on the next one!!!!

❤ Jake


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