Life with our two Spaniels

Spring flowers

It is middle of March and the weather has been amazingly wonderful for the last 4 days. Cold nights, nice sunny days. All this after a weekend of torrential rain and wind.
Going out for a long walk is a treat for The Bean Brothers, Bob and Jake, on days like this. They love it. Smells and little beasties everywhere their noses lead them to.
Image2Jake is hobbling in his own funny way with short little steps as he needs to be careful not to bump into things or trips over obstacles. He makes the funniest jumps when he does, and then, whatever it is he bumped into, needs to be thoroughly investigated. His whole head shakes when he does that, he is so concentrated that the word around him stops to exists.


20150929_114334Bob is just sniffing everywhere and being lazy. As he is getting older, he is more behind us on the walks and can’t really be bothered by all the busyness Jake is interested in. He is old and grumpy, and I love him with all my heart.

While I was out walking, keeping an eye on the boys I just could smell the distinctive smell of freesias. It is so nice, so I went to investigate.
Could not see them at fi

Jake and freesias

Jake photo bombing

rst but then there was a little bush, just a little further of the path. They are not big but still are beautiful and smell wonderful (well that is what I think)
Jake was part of the investigation too…photo bombing while I tried to make a photo.
The reason for the flowers being so tiny is that the grounds here don’t have enough feeding and not enough watering. Most of the year there is a lot of sun too.
I know when they are blooming, the daffodils should be out too. They are even smaller than the freesias. I was right! Found some, spread apart from each other, and I really had to focus because you can miss them easily.To my surprise I even came across some lilies! I just saw a bit of faint blue peeking through some greenery
and thought to find out.


I just love Spring. So much beauty all around us, if you take the time to find it. So much trees, bushes and flowers blooming and growing. I wish it could be spring all year around…





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