Lottie / Very short stories

Dance class

Once a week Lottie goes to dance class in her village. It is just an hour of exercise, at the least convenient time in the evening, but hey, if she can make it she is happy to swing her hips. Well not so much swinging, more like a none bending broom stick that tries to move on Latin/American/Argentine/Cuban music. She has no illusions of becoming a world champion at some point in her life, that will never happen. She is, however, doing this to get a bit of movement in her body.

Although Lottie is reasonably rhythmical, for some reason what she sees the teacher do,around the handbag she is registering it in her in her mind and then tries to translate this to her body. Somehow this does not work. There is a fault between her brain and moving her lower body. The hips, legs and feet do not do what her brain tells them to do. Even looking at the teacher and trying to copy him makes her feel like her body is from another planet and does not belong to her, no matter how hard she tries.
This class is full of woman, some much younger then her and a view like Dottie’s age. Due to them all being woman they all dance without partners. It is just not country line dancing as they do not stand in line, but it is getting close. Everyone is facing the same way, trying copy the teacher.


Not the teacher

The dance teacher, called Alejandro, is a world champion in ballroom dance and he can move! Lottie wishes she is able to move only a 10th of how this man can move. Sadly she can’t. If you have never had dance lessons in your life and all you have learned is dancing around your handbag in the discotheque when you were younger, it is never going to happen when you are 50 plus. Lottie has no illusions going in that direction of ever being able to dance like a pro what so ever. Never the less, she is trying her hardest to keep up and “move her body”.

Tonight she is off to her dance class. Fully prepared with towel, water and dance shoes.towel water and dance shoes Ready for an hour of blood, sweat and tears. She had not been for a couple of weeks as she was away on vacation and she knew she would feel her body, and more importantly, her muscles tomorrow, but it was worth it. Just an hour of good fun and frustration of none cooperative body parts.
They always start slowly with some basic steps, today it was a new dance, the Kizumba. According to Alejandro a sensual/sexy dance with a lot of hip movement. Lottie had never heard of it but thought “Bring it on!”.  The steps it started with, seemed not to difficult and Lottie was starting to feel confident this might even work today. Maybe she would master one dance all the way to the end of the class without getting confused. Now that would be a first!
Today they started slowly with walking up in the rhythm of the music counting the beats, then walking backwards in the beat without stopping to count. She even managed to do the 365 turn and continue to do the going back bit without tripping or standing on the wrong leg, or worse, facing the wrong way. She was over the moon! She thought “Wow, I am getting the hang of this!”. There were more turns and steps added in between the steps she was learning, not forgetting to keep the counting going, and then she lost it. She had to make a slow circle with her left foot over the floor and after the circle bend her knees and make a “sitting” movement and rotated her hips…. She tried, she really tried her hardest, she really did and then bursted out in laughter. If someone would have a pointed a camera on her they would have had slapstick.

Image7While she was trying to rotate her hips, she realized she was using her jaw to make the rotation work better, her whole face was making the hip rotation, but her hips did not make the same movement. She thought she must have been a right sight for everybody watching her while she was seriously concentrating on the hip rotation. Trying to do this the correct way without moving her face took even more concentration then trying to do the steps on their own. She just could not stop laughing but did try. Could it get any more difficult? It could and it would. There were more steps added, more go to the left and go to the right. Some of it she did managed, other bits she had no clue what to do up to a point she tried to hide behind the others so no one would see her looking like an idiot falling over her own two feet. In the end she failed to do it all. She got so confused and a little disappointed that she was not capable of making all the steps although it looked so promising in the beginning. And as much as she tried to rotate her hips in the right direction, stand on one leg looking like a gracious flamingo and sweep her feet over the floor making circles, sensual and sexy she did not feel.

dancing idiot
The hour ended and she felt like she worked hard but had accomplished nothing. Still it was a good workout and she knew she was not the only one making a fool of herself. And yes, she is determent to be back next week to try and look like a 50 plus idiot again.


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