Life according to Jake: a special needs dog with a past

Jake’s travels

Hi all,

Jakey here…

I need to tell you about my latest adventure!

For a little while I knew something was about to happen as mummy had been very busy with foraging things and put them all together in big bags and plastic boxes. She was being busy with  washing all our bed’s and coats and all that malarkey. She also was putting dindin’s in little plastic bags for my brother Bob and me so I knew something was about to happen. I stuck to mum’s leg a bit more as I needed to make sure I would be involved in all of this.
Then one day mummy started to put all these things in the van, even our toys and rugs and bowls and got knows what else AND me nan came around with my big sister and they brought a lot of goodies and thingies too. I was very confused. But I do like my sister so I played and played and played with her till it was bed time.
The next morning mummy had the alarm clock set at a ridiculous early hour of the morning and out we went.
First walkies and then breakfast. Mummy started to load more gear in the van and I thought what on earth is going on… I was getting really nervous about this. And there it was: she picked up me bed and put it in the van too…. And then I knew it: I was coming!!! YES!!! I was coming too!! Although it did make me more insecure, as this travelling thingy has caused me being left behind on doorsteps in the past, and making me having to start a new life all over again with the stranger’s. But Bob and sister where coming, so was my mummy and my nan. And if my mummy is there I “know” I should be ok.
So off we went for a long drive. When we stopped, after a loooong time, we had a nice walk and time to for a wee and (if needed) a nr.2. It was the first time for my sister traveling like this and she got very confused. Mummy gave us water but my sister was not sure and wouldn’t drink. I told her she would be fine and we would get another opportunity so she could drink then.
Off we went again and until we reached our goal for the day we had two more stops like this.
When we got to our destination for the day, it was a hotel somewhere in France. Mummy unloaded some of the stuff and my bed to a bedroom to settle in for the night. The bedroom was on the first floor, and when mummy took us for walkies, she forgot to tell me to be careful when we got to the stairs…. I nearly went flying, if mummy had not put my harness on me! She forgot I can’t see these edges you know,special needs dog…pffff.
After we got back from the restaurant where nan and mummy had there evening meal I got nervous, and when entering the room, it was when my insecurity got the better of me. I was so anxious that my sister or Bob would get in my bed, that I fought them off at the room door. I think I freaked out mummy as she wasn’t very pleased with my action and I got told off….  In de end I did settle and it was time to go night night’s. We slept all together in the same room and that was nice!

The next morning we were up early, mummy and nan got dressed and ready to start the day with giving us our morning walk. Coming back from our morning walk I had this feeling again, that feeling that I had to protect me bed, so I showed my teeth again and I growled. Mummy got really angry and I was put in me bed to calm down… At least no one got into MY BED but me!
Mummy started to drag all the goods back to the van and loaded us three fur babies in to our van beds. They went for their breakfast and when they got back we went on our ways, up to the next stop.
We drove for a while and when day light started to come thru we went for a “fill up the tank”, have a coffee, water and pee brake. This car parking thing was all covered in snow and ice and it was fun! We ran and ran and ran (well my sister and I did). She had never seen snow and she loved it.

Now I presume I have seen snow before when I was just a wee little boy, I was born in Yorkshire, but I am not sure if I did see/feel some. (I am a big boy now, 2 years!). Anyway, I loved it and we ran and ran and got really wet and dirty like proper dogs! Sadly, it was time to go back on the road and while mummy was trying to take me to my bed I had this nasty feeling again…. And there it was…I really turn in to a Dracula and I almost sank my teeth in Bob as I thought he was taking over my bed. Mummy really got angry and gave me a good telling off. I wasn’t gonna have any of that so I told her off even more! Should not have done that, as she didn’t take that lightly…ooops.
Off we went again to our next stop where I repeated my behaviour, and received the same response. Mummy told me I was a *unpleasant word* nightmare.

You should know, due to what happened in my passed I am having abandoning / anxiety issues. This is caused by me being moved around to 7 different homes in the first 11 months of my life. Mummy, Daddy and Bob being home number 7. And although I have settled in really well, and life is as good as it can get, it is only the second time I am going on vacation, so I still relate traveling with going to places I might regret being happy about in the first place. But as mummy says, we will get there in the end. It is all about trust and faith.

We continued our travel to our destination and when I was taken out of the car right there in front of me there was my big uncle and his mummy, my mummy’s big sis!! My sister and I thought it was great because we love them! Bob not so much as my uncle and Bob are not the best of friends (two old moody gits with old testicles…). We said hello and jumped and barked and where happy. We went for walkies and guess what… there was so much snow that my belly sank into it. We loved it! We played for hours and where all soaking wet.


We went into mum’s big sis’s house and got nice and warm with water and coffees. Then mummy went to get all the goodies from the van. Me bed was the last thing to come in. As soon as I saw me bed I was happy, but then this nasty feeling came over me… I was gonna be left behind again and I wanted to make sure I had one thing to cling onto, so I fought all of them away from me bed! I showed them I wasn’t gonna take it lightly!!!
Soon mummy made sure this was not gonna happen again and took me bed away and told me to sit in a room on my own to calm down. I was not happy, but I did it. And after a long time (10 seconds, she had read this in one of Jan Fennel’s books) mummy came to collect me.
From that moment on I saw me bed rarely. Think I had overdone it a wee bit… crap…
It turned out we were gonna stay here for a while. In the evening mum’s big sis and partner left with my uncle. We I stayed in this house.

It was nice here, we did all the things we do at home. We went for another nice walk and meal and got well settled in.
At some point the next day we were left on our own for a bit (I stayed in my bed, but mummy had to make sure I could not make a scene before I got into it) as nan and mummy went to do some groceries.It was also a good test to check if I was gonna make a lot of noise while they were gone. Guess what: I was an angle, I did not make a peep! Mummy told me I was a good boy and she was proud of me!
We relaxed and enjoyed our walks in the snow.


Coffees after our beach walkies

We also went for nice walks on the beach and my sister and I ran and ran and ran. We had so much fun. I am not that keen on the sea though, it makes weird noises I am not sure off, so I stayed away from it. Indoors we watched Dutch programs on tv. Yes: you are right: Dutch programs…!! We were on vacation in Holland!! It was my first time here!! (well it was only my second real vacation, I still have a lot to discover in this great big world). And I think I liked it here. It was colder, but a lot of green and a lot of new smells that needed some serious investigation.


Mum’s sis came by to baby sit us. Like we need a baby sitter!!! We can take care of ourselves! Well I can, I just show them what I am made off!! Anyway, nan and mummy had to go somewhere to do some important stuff and wanted to make sure Bob and my sister would behave…and I would not pick a fight. It was nice with mum’s sis, we had loads of cuddles, and those we like.

jongeschaap_1On one of the days we went to a place called De Zaanse Schans. And us doggies where aloud to be in there too! That was so cool. So many nice smells and things to see (well as you know I can’t see an awful lot, but that doesn’t matter). Every now and then mummy had to pick me up when we had to pass a bridge that I could fall off. But it was really nice to be there. The smells of ducks, and swans and cats and all sorts living in the little canals and the fields we passed made me want to go out on my own, sadly I was attached to my harness. My sister and I would have loved to go for a swim in one of those canals to find out who was living there, but we were kept from going in. Such a shame, it would have been a blast.  Mum’s sis was there too. She had the daunting task of keeping Bob inline, he too could not help himself but wanting to go everywhere his nose would take him. It was a lovely day and a lot to see. Mummy said she was proud of us being such good boys and girl.

The day arrived that our vacation was coming to its end and we had to go back on our travels.
Mummy and nan did all the packing and cleaning again and early one morning we went.
Mum and nan had come up with a plan to prevent me from going into my “This is all mine and I am not being left behind” mode and made sure we all where happy. It even worked when we stopped for the night in a hotel in France. Oh, and this time there was an elevator in the hotel so I did not learn how to fly!
The second day we had another long drive with a couple of stops and then we had our final stop, when I came out of the van I saw that we were HOME…….I tell you!!! WE WERE HOME!!!!……HOME…!!! I barked and barked and barked and ran from the front to the back of the garden and back. And I jumped in the air like I was a 6 months old puppy just to let everybody know that we were HOME!!!


Home sweet home

A little time has passed since we got home and I still have some little issues with my anxiety, mummy cleaned out the van today and I sort of had the feeling I had to protect my bed that lives in the van. Mummy did tell me off, but she says she knows I have a hard time with these things. She says she knows, and together we try to make it good again. I am one lucky boy to have a mummy and daddy with patience and love for me. I guess I did land on my feet in the end, and in time I can be as relaxed as brother Bob, who pretends nothing gets to him…liar!


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