Life according to Jake: a special needs dog with a past

Jake’s first vacation

Hi, Jakey here

On a Friday morning in April I noticed something was going on. Mummy did truckloads of laundry and ironing. Daddy was getting all kinds of goodies out of the shed and putting them in the van. Mummy was packing things in bags and boxes and god knows what else she was planning on doing.
I was getting really confused so I stuck like glue to mummy although I did try to keep an eye on daddy too, but I was ok. At the end of the day I was really tired from making sure I did not miss out on anything, and I was not left behind at some stage.

The next day we went for our walkies early in the morning and when we came back daddy started to even pack more goodies in the van. Then he took my bed and packed it in to the van too. I knew then…. we were going somewhere!!
I was right!!! We went on our journeys, all 4 of us! Daddy, mummy, Bob and me.
We drove in the car for a loooooong time. As long as my first trip with mummy and Bob.

After some stops for walkies, drinkies and din-dins we arrived in a place in France. I must say it did smell really nice…. my nose was working overtime! All sorts of new smells and thing to investigate and loads to explore!
When then entered the house it turned out we were going to be staying for the week, I was a bit concerned about what was happening as I did not recognize any of the smells in the house, but then daddy brought in me bed in and mummy brought loads of my toys in so I was a little ok. Bob was also still there, and he seemed to know what was going on.
I was taken for walkies and enjoyed them a lot!! They have a lot of smellies we don’t have at home.  I was putting me nose in the grasses and smelled mice and rabbits and beasts I could not identify, but it smelled absolutely wonderful…. I was in heaven.
Then at one point in the evening there was this lady coming in to the house and Bob and I barked at her and had a good sniffy… She smelled after fooooood….. yummy…! Turns out she was the lady to make daddies and mummies dinner (mummy was being a really lazy cow, but she deserved it she said, and I guess she does). The lady came in a view times more, basically every evening , but now I knew who she was I was not so worried…. she did smell soooooo nice……foooood…..and I do love food!

The next morning daddy was really busy carrying all kinds of his stuff to a big lake that was in the garden of the house. I was not allowed to help him carry anything, I tried a view times like his towel and his boots, but it was not wanted. Turns out daddy was getting ready for a  week of fishing. Not for dinner but as “a sport” as they call it. Me, I thought it was a waste, do you know how nice fish tastes?……YUM!
Mummy took us around the lake a view times and in to the fields at the other side of the house. We played with our toys and mummy played with us with our balls.
On one of those walks we passed a field with big creatures that came running to us and starting to look our way and say mooooooo, nosy gits. Thankfully there was a fence between us!  I thought they were big monsters so I barked and growled at them to protect Bob and mummy. Mummy said they are cows, brown cows….. Yeah you don’t fool me…these where nasty creatures from another planet, I tell you! I had to make sure we did not pass that field anymore, my interference worked!

dsc_4812After a while mummy took Bob and me to see daddy at the lake and there was all sorts of stuff. things they call rods and rod stands and fishing line and fishing beds and nets… Very confusing and very nice smelling…. I had to stay on me lead as there were a lot of tricky places that I could fall in and hurt myself. I did NOT agree to this but what can you do…

dsc_4836Now get this: Bob got himself a girlfriend!!! Her mummy is the lady cookie. He was playing with her every day, while I just sat there with my ball… bloody git…. They went on for hours…. pffff, well it felt like hours and he was having fun without me! I kept teasing him with this lady friend, but he kept playing with her every
single day…. bastard…!

On one of the day’s mummy went to do some groceries and left Bob and me with daddy. I was not having any of that! I want my mummy and I made so much noise about it that daddy really was not happy with me. Yes, I am a mummies boy, get over it. The next time mummy went for groceries she took us with her. My plan of action had worked…yay!

On the last night daddy and mummy starting packing again. And at one time, before they had their dinner, the lady cookie came in with her man friend (I think they call it her husband) and they sat down and had drinks. I was getting really scared, so I sat down with my ball and if anyone came close I growled. Mummy told me off and told me to get into my bed. I did, but was not happy! I was scared this cookie woman and husband where coming to get me and I had to move again. Was not having any of that!! I made sure!
This cookie woman and husband left but I was still not agreeing with all of this. To calm me down mummy took Bob and me for walkies. When we came back we were in the same house and daddy and my bed where still there. Then I knew I made it and I was gonna stay…pfeww.

The next morning daddy went packing again and carried me bed into the van. I was getting a sort of exited/nervous. After all the packing and lots of cleaning of mummy (she calls us pigs…. saying we make everything dirty…pfff) we went for a short drive. When we came out of the van we were in a new place. I think they call it a Gite. Daddy, mummy and Bob had been here before. For me it was the first time but I loved it. More different smells and fields and another lake and ohhhhhh……just heaven.


The Gite

In the evening a lady friend came to check on us. I was not sure about this… so I sat next to mummy and stuck like glue to her. After a while she left and I thought that was ok. I really do not know these people and they good kidnap me at any moment.

We went for walkies around fields and on paths. I loved it here, so green and lush. All a little doggie like me could ever wish for.
In the evening we went out in the van: they were going out for “dinner”. Again mummy was being a lazy cow. As mummy kept telling us: “when she is on holiday the cook is too”. As I made a lot of noise the first time she left (at the other lake) we had to come along and stay in our van beds till they were done. It took them ages!!! a whole hour!! They said they only went for pizza!! Mind you we where warm and snuggled up in our van beds with bowls of water… but not telling her that!

dsc_5021Daddy was not doing any fishing on this lake as the lake was closed due to things I do not understand. But we did play in the field at the lake with our balls. We also went for loads of walkies around this lake and other lakes this week. I even went swimming and chasing rabbits. I loved it here.


The lady friend and her husband came a view times in to our new house but I was not bothered anymore. I knew I was gonna stay with my daddy and mummy and Bob. I was really relaxed and I even went to say hello when they came in without peeing on the floor (I have done a oopsy a view times when I meet people)! Life is GOOOOOOD!



One day mummy and daddy went out to the lake on their own. I was not happy, but I had to stay indoors. They said they were going to say their last farewells to my sister Tequilla and let her ashes go in the wind. Now I never met her, but she left her place with daddy and mummy and Bob for me.When they got back they were very sad and mummy gave me a BIG cuddle and told me I was a good and sweet boy.

After a week daddy and mummy started packing again. Me bed went into the van and mummy was cleaning the house again from top to bottom.
I knew we were going again on our travels. Where would it be this time???
It was again a very long drive. With a lot of pee, poo, drink and eat stops. But when we finally arrived we where…..HOME!!!!!! We where HOME…..whoooooooooo HOME!!!!!
I was a HAPPY boy (not that I wasn’t one) but I was HOME!!!
I barked and barked and barked. Everybody knew we were back home!

I slept like a log that night and I knew life IS good!


Jake xxx


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